About Us

First Choice understands the importance of making correct employment decisions. This is why we specialize in the most professional and comprehensive pre-employment screening services in the industry. We provide you with the prompt, accurate information you need to hire quality employees and retain them with confidence every time.

First Choice is easy, economical, fast, reliable, and your company’s best defense against negligent hiring lawsuits, employee fraud, and application exaggeration. With First Choice there are no start-up fees and reports can be ordered and retrieved online.

First Choice offers a full range of employment and continuous screening products and services, through state of the art technology. First Choice is well positioned to meet the various employment needs of its corporate customers.

Our product and services give you the precise information you need, tailored to meet your individual working preferences. We remain flexible in establishing “procedures” as your company’s needs may be different from any other.

The First Choice team provides companies, of all sizes, with quality pre-employment background screening services and information needed to make a prudent hiring decision. Studies have shown that 33% of the time applicants misrepresent facts on their applications. These misrepresentations include such things as criminal history, education, employment information, address history, driving histories or other exaggerations.

The fast, easy access to information provided by First Choice saves your organization time and money. By selecting First Choice, human resources and security professionals worldwide gain the peace of mind, while working with a single background screening service provider. This is why First Choice should be your only choice in the pre-employment screening industry.

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