Criminal History

First choice provides a thorough background investigation including county, statewide, federal, and national levels. In addition, sex offender registry and terrorist watch lists are researched.

First Choice conducts all county-level searches physically, unless a direct, “real-time” access to the courthouse is established.  Statewide searches are conducted by utilizing the respective state repository (when available).  Where state repositories are not available, county searches where the applicant has lived and worked will be suggested as the standard.  Nationwide searches are obtained through various databases (DOC, National Sex Offender Registry, as well as some state repository and county information, although not exhaustive) and are best used as a layering research tool to supplement the other searches.

First Choice will research county criminal records including both Felony and Misdemeanor offenses for the past seven (7) – ten (10) years. Criminal conviction information will be reported back indefinitely unless prohibited by state law.  It is standard practice to base County Criminal history on the applicant’s residence history; however, we will work with you to ensure compliance with your specific screening needs.

First Choice will provide you with the criminal background screening products and services to best meet your specific screening needs, including but not limited to the list below:

  • County Criminal History

  • Statewide Criminal History

  • Federal Criminal History

  • Sex Offender Registry (State & Nationwide available)

  • Civil Court Records

  • FirstChek (Nationwide criminal history including Sexual Offender Registry)

  • Government Sanction and Debarment Lists (OIG, FDA, OFAC, GSA, etc.)

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