1. Customer Service

First Choice
is focused on providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction to our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Professional. This will ensure the accuracy, compliance and expedite the completion of reports. Our Customer Service Representatives are industry leaders and professionals who aren't just passionate about their work, but who are also specialists with years of valuable experience.

2. Technology

First Choice
offers fast, easy access to information that will save your organization time and money. Our online application allows recruiters and applicants to enter data over the Internet, eliminating duplicate data entry and faxing. First Choice offers state of the art technology with 24 hour online access, we bring you information rapidly and conveniently.

3. Ongoing Education

First Choice
goes one-step further, we conduct educational programs which are designed to give you the information you need when you need it. We will keep you apprised of any changes to state and federal requirements, as well as providing information on other newsworthy topics available to us.

5. Peace of Mind

First Choice's management team forms a powerful alliance of knowledge, expertise, management, vision and good business practices. By selecting First Choice, human resources and security professionals worldwide gain the peace of mind, while working with a single background screening service provider. This is why First Choice should be your only choice in the pre-employment screening industry.

6. Our Commitment

First Choice's commitment to excellence is evidenced by the quality of our service, quick turnaround time with accurate results, the experience and ability of our staff, the attention to detail in our products and services and the most advanced technology that meets and exceeds industry standards. All this and First Choice is still flexible enough to stay focused on your specific needs.

7. Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier provider of background screening to help you make the right choice when hiring new applicants. We provide our clients with the necessary information about their applicant's qualifications, experience and background prior to finalizing their decision.



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