Motor Vehicle Back

We will provide a State-by-State Motor Vehicle Report for the state in which an applicant holds a driver's license. The information for each state differs, average motor vehicle history available is usually for three (3) years.


Education Verification Back

First Choice will contact the the educational institution representing the applicant's highest degree earned or highest grade completed.


Military Verification Back

Our staff sends a written request to the Department of Defense's Record Maintenance Facility requesting an official copy of an individual's DD214 verifying applicant’s military status.


Employment Verification Back

Our professional Reporters will contact previous employers and will verify dates of employment, position, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire.)


Professional Credential & License Back

A staff member will contact the appropriate certifying agency to verify applicant’s license, license number, date of license issued, expiration date and current status.


Personal & Business Reference Back

First Choice will contact personal or professional references provided by an applicant. How long the applicant has known this individual as well as how they are associated will be determined.


Worker’s Compensation Records Back

First Choice will check for any Worker’s Compensation Claims. Information is obtained from each state's repository and contains names, dates, and type of injury.


Social Security Trace Back

To avoid applicants from providing falsified Social Security Numbers for reason such as a criminal history, bad credit or even illegal work status you can verify their Social Security Number to protect your company from fraud and comply with applicable federal laws. SST validates four distinct aspects of a Social Security Number:

  • State of SSN Issuance
  • Year of Issuance
  • That the number is in a valid range
  • That the number has not been reported to the SSA as belonging to a deceased individual



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