Civil Upper & Lower Back

Records will be check for litigation involving the subject as either the plaintiff or the defendant. If a record is found, the filing date, nature of the filing, jurisdiction, and disposition will be provided.


Drug Testing Back

We use a nationwide network of collection sites and laboratories to provide you and your applicants with convenient drug testing services. All laboratories are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). (5, 9 & 10 panel searches are available)


Federal Bankruptcy Records Back

We will verify any Bankruptcy record filed by the applicant. If record is found, the filing date, chapter of Bankruptcy and status of case will be provided.


International Background Checks Back
First Choice's Global Screening Services are an important tool in an increasingly global business environment. As with our domestic services, you can trust First Choice to stay on top of the latest developments worldwide in accessing reliable, timely, and compliant information to increase the value of your hiring decisions. First Choice offers comprehensive international criminal record searches from around the world. Whether it is Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, or South America criminal record checks are just a click away. For international criminal background check and retrieval services you count on us.
CDLIS Search Back
CDLIS allows employers and their agents to comply with FMCSA requirements ( § 391.21-391.27), by searching within the "Commercial Driver's License Information System" for any prior licenses, current CDL and up to three prior licenses held by said individual. Provides user with:
  • Present Jurisdictional State and Driver’s License Number
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Social Security Number Match
  • Up to Three Previously held CDL Numbers
  • AKA Information
Mandated by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) of 1986, CDLIS supports the issuance of commercial driver licenses (CDLs) by the jurisdictions, and assists jurisdictions in meeting the goals of the basic tenet "that each driver, nationwide, have only one driver license and one record" through the cooperative exchange of commercial driver information between jurisdictions.
Federal Civil Search Back
Federal Civil Search is a District level search for civil cases filed in United States District Court. Report returns file date, parties involved, cause of action and case status when cases are uncovered.

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